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North Media is the perfect way to get your business the exposure you need. Advertising works with frequency and reaching your audience repeatedly. Radio is the perfect medium for this, being able to expose your ad to the audience repeatedly to build awareness. Also due to the loyalty of people listening to our station, you are able to impact the same people more often.

Choose the Best Plan to Grow your Business and Events

  • Best Value

    Monthly Saturation

    Every month
    • Free Flyer Production
    • Ad Flyer on Station Site All Month
    • 30 sec Slot 15x/Daily on 4 Stations of your choice
    • Social Media Post
    • One :10 Live on Air Read Daily per station
    • Add additional stations for $15
    • Morning Show Spot announcement
  • Artist Rotation

    Every week
    Only select this option if instructed
    • Get Payed to Get Played (If registered with ASCAP)
    • 10 Rotations Per Day